Kathi Carey is an award-winning Writer/Director of films and web series that have screened in festivals worldwide, from Academy-qualifying LA Shorts, USA Dallas and Rhode Island to Italy, Portugal, Cancun, China, S. Korea and Toronto. Though her films have won, cumulatively, over 50 awards and honors, it is not award-recognition that drives her. Kathi strives to connect her audiences with the personal, sometimes solitary journey of her protagonists. Her projects focus on interpersonal relationships and deep character introspection. Because her characters face moral and ethical dilemmas, audiences want to discuss the film’s various themes and turning points, and ponder things they may not normally consider in their day-to-day life.  A “signature” of Kathi’s work can be summed up in this quote from Emmy-award winning ABC journalist George B. Severson after he viewed her film Reflections of a Life: “Reflections of a Life touched me deeply. The film provided an intimate perspective to what my mother must have been going through when she fought and fortunately won her battle with breast cancer. The scene where Taylor looks at her new body for maybe the first time since her surgery really hit close to home. I've always wondered what my mother's reaction was and now I feel I have a vehicle, Reflections of a Life, from which we may be able to comfortably discuss her experiences. I can't wait to share this film with my mother.” 

Away from the camera, Kathi gives back by mentoring and advocating for more inclusion through her work with the Alliance of Women Directors, as a mentor and Executive Director for the StreetsARTSafe Program (mentoring HS students to create safe driving PSAs) and the Women Excel Project.  
Academy-award-winner Dean Parisot had this to say about Kathi when she shadowed him on “Justified, “I was absolutely impressed with her complete understanding and mastery of the filmmaking process. She is highly qualified and I will admit was mostly ahead of me during our time on set. I look forward to seeing her work in the future and I'm sure Kathi will have a long and successful career.”