Kathi the Filmmaker
Kathi Carey

"Brilliant work! I think Kathi is the female Steven Spielberg." --Hunter Todd, Director, WorldFest, Houston

A few words about Kathi

"Kathi recently shadowed me as I directed an episode of the television series Justified and I was absolutely impressed with her complete understanding and mastery of the filmmaking process. She is highly qualified and I will admit was mostly ahead of me during our time on set. I was lucky to have her there as I benefitted directly from her input during the process. She is enthusiastic, motivated and a pleasure to be with."
 -- Dean Parisot, Director, Academy Award Winner

"I highly recommend Kathi... I've found her work to be of the highest professional quality in all departments, and I know that in both vision and execution this stems from Kathi... talking with her cast and crew I wasn't at all surprised to learn that they loved working with her and were. uniformly eager to work with her again."
--Marc Scott Zicree, Producer/Director, Nebula Award Winner

"Worth is a gem. Truly... Kathi masterfully shows in this elegant film how she has mastered storytelling through all the tools at the director's disposal. It is cast perfectly, shot beautifully, and scored masterfully. This all began with her touching script and finished with one of my favorite shorts EVER!!!"
--Mary Lou Belli, 2-time Emmy-Award winning Director

"I have known Kathi for over 2 years now. I am very impressed by her work, both in topic and technical execution. Because of her work I was anxious to collaborate with Kathi on al pilot, so I know of her creative understanding of project development."
--Marita Grabiak, Director

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