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Kathi Carey is an award-winning writer/producer/director. She discovered her unique gifts as a filmmaker with her very first film, Reflections of a Life, which she wrote and directed (starring Linda Gray and Fred Lehne). An intimate story of a woman who confronts the life-threatening diagnosis of breast cancer, Reflections set a precedent by winning an award at its first festival and continued winning awards and accolades at festivals all over the world. However, it was the audience response that made the most difference in Kathi's trajectory as a filmmaker: on-air entertainment reporter George Stevenson wrote to her and stated that for the first time he could speak to his mother about her experience with breast cancer, an emotional journey she had thus far traveled alone.

Kathi's second film, WORTH, screened at 31 festivals, won 31 awards and was in the small pool of films eligible to be nominated for an Academy Award in 2011. It, too, received the same kind of audience response: a veteran actor who's son has Down's Syndrome remarked that the film spoke to him about his own personal situation, validating the worth of his son, although others may see him as 'imperfect.'

Since then she wrote, produced and directed three more short films, two of which immediately started winning awards: Mr. Hopewell's Remedy and Dead Drop. She also produced and directed the long-running web series Casting Qs (44 episodes), the web series Mom & Me (12 episodes), several music videos and participated in two groundbreaking documentaries (140 and Beyond Borders). She is currently in post on the feature Garage Sale, a dark comedy. Most recently, she's been attached to direct the dramatic feature, currently in development, Signs of Being, from an award-winning screenplay and the short film In Session, which she also wrote. Her completed feature screenplays include Because I'm Here With You, Stolen Paradise, Offline, One in Nine, Dark Night on Route 66 and E-Ticket.

Critics have responded beautifully to Kathi's projects as well. In fact, each of them has received recognition and acclaim on the festival circuit and the quality of work has allowed her to attract internationally recognized talent, including Golden Globe and Emmy nominees. Academy Award winner Dean Parisot had this to say about Kathi when she shadowed him: "I was absolutely impressed with her complete understanding and mastery of the filmmaking process. She is highly qualified and I will admit was mostly ahead of me during our time on set. I was lucky to have her there as I benefitted directly from her input during the process. She is enthusiastic, motivated and a pleasure to be with."

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